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Institute of Learning Sciences and Technologies, NTHU
Full-Time Faculty
Chair and Professor
Office:General Building II B Side, 415
Research Interests:Reading, College student learning experiences,Instruction and Curriculum
Highest Degree:Ph. D. in Curriculum & Instruction, University of Texas at Austin, USA
as known as Shelley
Office:Room 419, Side B, General Building II,
Research Interests:E-learning, Game-based learning, Hand-held  and Tangible Technologies in Education
Highest Degree:Ph. D. in Instructional Design & Technology, The Ohio State University, USA
Office:Education Building, 202
Research Interests:Multicultural Science Education, Science Popular Animation, Digital Learning, Curriculum and Instructional Design, Indigenous Education
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Curriculum and instruction, West Virginia University, USA
Tel:+886-3-5715131 Ext.42453
Office:Education Building 226A
Research Interests:MOGUL, cognitive science (consciousness, learning, attention, emotion), error correction, form-focused instruction, linguistic theory (syntax, morphology)
Highest Degree:Ph. D. in PsychologyUniversity of California, Irvine
Office:Education Building, 304
Research Interests:Theory of Learning Sciences, Instructional Design, Psychology of Learning
Highest Degree:Ph. D. in Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University, USA
Tel:+886-3-5715131 Ext.77903
Office:Nanda Campus, 9327B
Research Interests:Visual Thinking, Technology Creativity, STEM, Social Media
Highest Degree:Ph. D., University of Maryland at College Park, USA
Tel:+886-3-5715131 Ext.75903
Office:Nanda Campus, 9213
Research Interests:Virtual reality, augmented reality, wireless sensor networks, mobile learning, game-based learning, computer networks, computer architecture, digital signal processing
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Computer and Electrical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
as known as Robin
Tel:+886-3-5715131 Ext.77904
Office:Nanda Campus, 9325B
Research Interests:Mobile Learning、CSCL、Learning Community
Highest Degree:Ph.D., National Central University, Taiwan
Tel:+886-3-5715131 Ext.77906
Office:Nanda Campus 9327A
Research Interests:Design of Learning Content, Digital Media, Information Communication, Information Design, Visual Narrative, Computation on Geometric Patterns
Highest Degree:Ph.D., College of Design, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Associate Professor
Office:General Building II B Side, 416
Research Interests:Human Computer Interaction, Design of Interactive Technology, Theory and Applications of Learning
Highest Degree:Ph. D. in Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University, USA
Associate Professor
Office:Education Building, 209A
Research Interests:Academic writing in English, English writing, Second/foreign language acquisition, TESOL
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
as known as Regina
Associate Professor
Office:Education Building, 221
Research Interests:Online Learning, Adult Education, Human Resources Development
Highest Degree:Ed.D. in Adult Education, Rutgers University, USA
as known as Janice
Associate Professor
Tel:+886-3-5715131 Ext.75907
Office:Nanda Campus, 9327B
Research Interests:Technology-empowered Learning & Development, Simulation & Gamify Learning, Human-Computer Cognitive Interaction, Project-based Learning, IT-Based Education
LabeLearning Lab (Nanda Campus, 9331)
Highest Degree:Ed.D., Instructional Technology, University of Georgia, USA
Associate Professor
Tel:+886-3-5715131 Ext.75906
Office:Nanda Campus 9219
Research Interests:Human resource development, Learning technology, Virtual reality, Machine learning, Mobile learning
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Computer Science, National Central University, Taiwan
Associate Professor
Tel:+886-3-5715131 Ext.72722
Office:Nanda Campus, 9624
Research Interests:Algebraic combinations of algorithms, a combination of computing, coding science, graphics
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Mathematics, Michigan State University, USA
Joint Faculty
Associate Professor
Office:General Building II B Side, 417
Research Interests:Cognitive Neuroscience, Humor, Emotion, Memory, Creativity
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Counseling, National Taiwan Normal University
Research Interests:Sociology of Education,Gender and Education, Educational Policy Studies
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Education Policy Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
as known as Juju
Research Interests:Environmental Sociology, Community Development, Campus Culture
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Environmental Management,Texas Tech University, USA
Research Interests:Counseling and Psychotherapy, Psychosocial Development, Developmental Psychology, Counseling Professional Training
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Counseling and Human Development, University of Iowa, USA
Associate Professor
Office:General Building II B Side, 418
Research Interests:Social Psychology, Learning and Motivation, Epistemology of Psychology
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Psychology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:Item Response Theory, Computerized Adaptive Testing, Multilevel Nonlinear Mixed Model
Highest Degree:Ph.D. in Psychology, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan