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Institute of Learning Sciences and Technologies, NTHU




Graduation Year

101 CHU, Chao-chung Metacognition and Epistemological Beliefs in Wiki-Based Collaborative Learning CHUNG, Wen-hung 100
101 HUANG, Hsin-hui The Effects of Adjunctive Questions Combined with Graphic Organizers to Enhance Reading Comprehension Level TZENG, Jeng-yi 100
102 HSU, Ya-wen The Influences of Positive and Negative Learning Experiences on Academic Frustration Tolerance for Senior Students at Elementary School: Achievement Motivation and Role Obligation as Mediators HUANG, Li-li 101
102 HUANG, Chi-han Analysis of the Effects of Cyclic Concept Map on the Studies of Economics in Civic Education TZENG, Jeng-yi 101
102 CHEN, Chih-hsuan The effects of individual concept mapping and collaborative concept mapping on the behavior and performance of history learning TZENG, Jeng-yi 102
103 CHANG, Hsing-yu Why Asking Questions?The Analysis of Factors Related to  Student Questioning in College Classrooms CHEN, Su-yen 102
103 WU, Wen-lin Emerging from the cocoon: Droping out of the traditional frame in the context of transformative learning for Chinese adults in Taiwan. HUANG, Li-li 102
103 WEI, Chia-ying Two Sciences? Differences in Undergraduates’ Epistemological Beliefs about Natural Science and Social Science CHEN, Shun-wen 102
103 KUO, Hsin-yu Exploring Learning in the Animal Protection Society of a University with Perspectives on Activity Theory CHEN, Su-yen 102
103 HUNG, Tsai-shu Meaning of learning:The perspective from Chinese Culture and the Life context HUANG, Li-li 102
103 HUANG, Tsu-yin The Influences of Positive & Negative Learning Experiences on Academic Frustration Tolerance and Academic Score for senior high school students. HUANG, Li-li 102
103 YEN, Yu-fen Learning Process of College Transfer Students: Policy, Motivation and Strategy HSIEH, Hsiao-chin 102
104 LIAO, Yi-jun The Influence of Cues on Performance in Solving Three-dimensional Space Problems: An Eye Movement Study CHAN, Yu-chen 103
104 LU, Hsin-i Ambiguity and Inference Processing in Joke Comprehension:  An Eye-movement Study CHAN, Yu-chen 103
104 YANG, Li-chieh An English Learning Motivation Model of Senior High Students in Taiwan—From Perspective of Chinese Psychology CHEN, Shun-wen 103
104 HO, Yi-ling Comparison of Emotion and Behavior Between Kinetic Virtual Avatar and Face to Face HSU, Yu-chen 103
104 LEE, Yi-ju From Study Hard to Study Smart – Student Engagement in Higher Education in Taiwan HUANG, Li-li 103
104 CHEN, Yen-chun A Study of Integrating tablet PCs with the Interactive Classroom System into the Elementary School Classroom : Using the subject of Integrative Activities as an example YOUNG, Shwu-ching 103
104 HUNG, Kuo-chin A Study of Integrating Homework System into  University General Physics YOUNG, Shwu-ching 103
104 CHIU, Yu-hsuan Fighting for stray animals ── Transformative Learning Process of Animal Protectors HUANG, Li-li 103
104 WU, Chia-wen Color Coding on Keywords in Chinese Reading: An Eye Movement Research CHEN, Su-yen
CHAN, Yu-chen
104 CHIANG, Hsin-hua Mediation Effects of Cognitive and Affective Factors on the Relationships between Intimacy and Forgiveness of Sixth Graders. CHEN, Shun-wen 103
104 LIAO, Fan-yi 大學生學習素養量表編製及其相關因素之研究 CHEN, Su-yen 104
105 CHAO, Yen-chun Strategies of gender learning of aboriginal teenagers in Southern Taiwan HSIEH, Hsiao-chin 104
105 SU, Chen-hao Reborn: The Transformative Process of New Graduates in Experiential Learning HUANG, Li-li
CHEN, Cheng-te
105 WU, Chun-jung Learning to Be an Authentic Teacher: The Process of Teacher’s  Self Construction and Transformative Learning HUANG, Li-li
CHEN, Cheng-te
105 HU, Bo-sien Comparison of Different Matching Strategies Using the Mantel-Haenszel Method to Detect DIF in the BIB Booklet Design CHEN, Cheng-te 104
105 LEE, Yen-lin The Attentional Bias of Negative Emotional Words on Gelotophobes: Evidence from Eye Movement CHAN, Yu-chen 104